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  • Ankit Uttam

24 Best AI Side Hustles For Anyone To Try

Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash? Do you have a passion for technology and AI?

Then you're in luck!

In this article, we will explore the 24 best AI side hustles that you can try today.

These ventures will not only help you earn extra income, but also allow you to showcase your tech skills.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just looking for some side hustle ideas, we've got you covered. So, let's dive into the world of AI side hustles.

AI Side Hustles For Anyone

Key Takeaways:

  • There are plenty of AI side hustle opportunities available in the market.

  • AI side hustles can help supplement your income and achieve financial goals.

  • Developing and managing chatbots is a popular AI side hustle.

  • You can earn income through data annotation and labeling side hustle jobs.

  • Offering AI tutoring and consulting services can contribute to your side hustle success.

What is a Side Hustle?

If you're looking to boost your income and explore your entrepreneurial potential, starting a side hustle may be your answer. A side hustle is a way to earn extra income alongside your full-time job or main source of income. Whether you're trying to pay off debt, save money, or pursue a passion, a side hustle can help you achieve your financial goals.

If you're wondering how to start a side hustle, the first step is to identify your skills, interests, and passions. You can leverage your existing expertise or explore new fields to find the right side hustle for you. From there, you can research side hustle ideas and opportunities that align with your goals and values.

Keep in mind that a side hustle requires time, effort, and commitment. You may need to sacrifice your free time or adjust your schedule to accommodate your side hustle. But the rewards can be worth it, with many side hustlers earning significant side hustle income and building successful businesses.

The Rise of AI Side Hustles

If you're looking for side hustle jobs or side hustle opportunities in the tech industry, AI is the place to be. With the growing demand for AI technology, many businesses are looking for individuals with AI skills to help automate processes, improve user experience, and make data-driven decisions.

The rise of AI has created a whole new range of side hustle ideas for individuals looking to monetize their tech skills. Whether you're a programmer, data scientist, or AI enthusiast, there is an AI side hustle out there for you.

Many companies and AI startups are outsourcing AI-related tasks, providing opportunities for side hustlers to earn income through data annotation, chatbot development and management, voice assistant skill development, and AI content creation and curation. The possibilities are endless.

Moreover, there are several AI-based freelancing platforms available that connect AI freelancers with clients seeking AI services. These platforms offer a diverse range of AI side hustle jobs and projects, making it easier for individuals to find work that aligns with their skills and interests.

Overall, the rise of AI has opened up a world of opportunities for individuals looking to start a side hustle in the tech industry. With the right skills, knowledge, and a proactive approach, you can turn your passion for AI into a profitable venture.

Chatbot Development and Management

One of the most popular AI side hustles is chatbot development and management. As more businesses incorporate chatbots into their websites and customer service platforms, the demand for chatbot developers is on the rise.

By leveraging AI technologies like ChatGPT, you can provide your services in creating conversational flows, training the chatbot, and monitoring its performance.

As an AI side hustler, you can offer your expertise to businesses looking to deploy chatbots for customer support, lead generation, and sales. You can also develop chatbots for individual clients, providing customized solutions based on their unique requirements.

With the increasing adoption of chatbots, this AI side hustle has great potential for growth, enabling you to earn a steady income while honing your AI skills.

Pro Tip: Showcase your chatbot development skills on your website or social media profiles. This can help attract potential clients and increase your visibility in the market.

Data Annotation and Labeling

Another AI side hustle to consider is data annotation and labeling. This involves labeling data sets for machine learning models to improve their accuracy.

AI models require properly labeled and annotated data to train and improve their performance.

As a data annotator, you can work on tasks like image/object labeling, sentiment analysis, text classification, and more.

Many companies and AI startups are willing to outsource these tasks, providing opportunities to earn income through data annotation side hustle jobs.

With the growing demand in the market, you can easily find various side hustle jobs in data labeling and annotation.

  • Data annotation can earn you a side hustle income of around $15-$25 per hour.

  • To get started in data annotation, you'll need a computer and a good internet connection.

  • Platforms like Labelbox and Scale AI connect data annotators with companies in need of data labeling services.

Remember, data annotation and labeling requires attention to detail, patience, and a good understanding of the labeling guidelines.

If you have an eye for detail and enjoy working with data, this could be a great ai side hustle for you.

AI Tutoring and Consulting

If you have expertise in AI, you can offer tutoring and consulting services to individuals or businesses looking to learn or implement AI technologies. This can range from conducting one-on-one tutoring sessions to offering remote consulting services. Sharing your knowledge and helping others navigate the AI landscape can not only generate income as an AI side hustle but also contribute to your side hustle success.

As an AI tutor, you can provide personalized guidance to students looking to learn AI programming languages like Python or deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow. You can also offer workshops and training sessions to businesses looking to implement AI technologies. Consulting services can involve providing solutions for AI problems, developing AI strategies, or helping businesses make data-driven decisions.

As you build your AI tutoring and consulting business, make sure to set yourself apart by offering value and expertise. Promote your services on social media platforms and AI communities. Lastly, ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest AI trends and technologies by attending conferences, taking online courses, or reading industry publications.

With these side hustle tips and a proactive approach, you can establish a successful AI tutoring and consulting business that generates side hustle income and helps others succeed in the AI industry.

AI-Based Freelancing Platforms

If you're looking for AI side hustle ideas, joining AI-based freelancing platforms can provide a plethora of opportunities. These platforms connect you with potential clients looking for AI services, allowing you to bid on projects that align with your skills and interests. Some of the best AI-based freelancing platforms for side hustlers include:

  • Upwork

  • Toptal

  • Guru

  • Fiverr

  • Freelancer

By joining these platforms, you can showcase your AI skills and build a reputation as a reliable freelancer. It's important to set realistic expectations and bid on projects that you can deliver on time and with quality. With consistency and dedication, AI-based freelancing can become a profitable and fulfilling side hustle.

AI Content Creation and Curation

Are you a creative at heart? Do you enjoy writing, editing, or designing content? If so, you might want to consider offering AI-based content creation and curation services as an online side hustle.

AI technology has made its way into the content creation space, providing various tools and platforms that can help you create and curate content more efficiently. AI tools can analyze data, generate content ideas, optimize headlines, and even provide suggestions for improvement.

By leveraging these tools, you can offer AI content creation and curation services to businesses or individuals looking to enhance their online presence. Some of the services you can offer include blog writing, social media management, video editing, and content distribution.

With the right marketing strategy and a quality portfolio, you can earn a steady side hustle income by offering AI content creation and curation services.

AI-Based Freelancing Platforms

If you're looking for AI side hustle opportunities, you'll be glad to know that there are several freelancing platforms that cater specifically to AI-related projects. These platforms connect AI freelancers like you with clients looking for AI services, providing a vast pool of side hustle opportunities.

Here are some of the best AI-based freelancing platforms for side hustlers:

  1. Topcoder: This platform hosts various AI and machine learning challenges that allow you to showcase your skills and win prize money. Topcoder's clients include major tech companies like IBM and Microsoft, providing a great opportunity to work for top-tier clients.

  2. Upwork: This is one of the largest and most popular freelancing platforms, offering various AI-related jobs, including machine learning, data science, and natural language processing. You can create a profile highlighting your AI skills and set your hourly rate to start bidding on AI projects.

  3. Toptal: Toptal specializes in connecting freelancers with high-paying clients, offering AI-related jobs for data scientists, AI developers, and machine learning engineers. To join Toptal, you need to pass a screening process that assesses your skills and experience.

  4. Guru: This platform offers AI-related jobs for developers, data scientists, and AI engineers. Guru allows you to showcase your portfolio and set your hourly or project-based rates.

  5. Fiverr: This is a popular freelancing platform that allows you to offer AI-related services starting at just $5. You can create a gig for services like chatbot development, data annotation, or voice assistant skills development. As you gain more experience, you can increase your rates and offer more advanced services.

By joining one or more of these AI-based freelancing platforms, you can gain access to numerous side hustle opportunities and build your reputation as an AI freelancer. Remember, choosing the right platform depends on your skills, experience, and goals, so make sure to evaluate each platform before creating a profile.

24 AI Side Hustle List

  1. Start An AI Blogging Business: Create a blog that covers AI topics, such as AI in healthcare, AI in finance, or AI in gaming. Monetize it through ads, affiliate marketing, or by selling AI-related eBooks.

  2. Faceless YouTube Channel: Start a YouTube channel about AI tutorials. Record your screen and use voiceovers to explain complex AI concepts.

  3. Create Online Courses Using AI: Develop an online course teaching beginners how to build a chatbot using AI tools like Dialogflow or Chatfuel.

  4. Write Tweets For Creators And Businesses: Offer a service where you generate engaging tweets for content creators, such as daily inspirational quotes or humor.

  5. Offer AI Consulting Services: Consult with e-commerce businesses on how to implement AI-powered chatbots to improve customer support and sales.

  6. Sell AI Prompts: Create a website selling AI-generated story prompts for writers and novelists looking for inspiration.

  7. Run Ads: Manage Google Ads campaigns for small businesses, ensuring they get the best ROI using AI-powered ad targeting.

  8. AI Video Editing: Edit and enhance YouTube videos for creators, using AI to add captions, animations, and special effects.

  9. Generate Music With AI: Compose AI-generated music tracks and sell them on platforms like SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

  10. Offer AI Web Design Services: Use AI website builders to create stunning websites for local businesses, artists, or bloggers.

  11. Offer Freelance Writing: Provide AI-assisted writing services, such as blog posts or product descriptions, to e-commerce websites.

  12. Offer Copywriting Services: Write persuasive ad copy for businesses, emphasizing the benefits of their products or services.

  13. AI Voiceovers: Offer AI-generated voiceovers for explainer videos, commercials, or e-learning courses.

  14. Resume Writing: Help job seekers create AI-optimized resumes that highlight their skills and experience effectively.

  15. AI SEO Services: Optimize the SEO of websites using AI tools to improve their search engine rankings.

  16. AI Content Detection Service: Develop an AI tool that scans user-generated content for inappropriate or harmful material, providing a safer online environment.

  17. Social Media Management: Manage social media accounts for businesses by scheduling posts, engaging with followers, and analyzing performance using AI-powered tools.

  18. Sell Digital Products: Create AI-generated digital products like unique fonts, icons, or Photoshop brushes, and sell them on platforms like Gumroad.

  19. Enhance Audio And Images: Use AI to clean up audio recordings or enhance the quality of photos for photographers and content creators.

  20. Generate AI Art: Produce AI-generated art pieces and sell them as digital prints or NFTs on platforms like Rarible.

  21. AI Virtual Assistant: Develop an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps users with tasks like scheduling, setting reminders, or answering FAQs.

  22. AI Customer Service: Provide businesses with AI chatbots that handle customer inquiries, improving response time and efficiency.

  23. AI Programming: Offer custom AI programming services, such as developing recommendation algorithms for e-commerce websites.

  24. Write Children's Books: Create children's stories with AI-generated characters and plots, self-publish them on Amazon Kindle, and promote them on social media.


So, you're ready to embark on an exciting AI side hustle journey! With a growing demand for AI services, there are plenty of side hustle jobs out there waiting for you to explore.

Remember, starting a side hustle requires effort and dedication. While it may take some time to establish your AI side hustle, it is essential to stay motivated and consistent. Here are some side hustle tips to help you succeed:

  • Focus on your strengths and expertise in the AI field.

  • Stay updated with the latest AI trends and technologies.

  • Establish a well-rounded online presence to market your AI side hustle.

  • Offer unique and personalized solutions to your clients.

  • Always prioritize client satisfaction and communication.

By following these side hustle tips, you can turn your passion for AI into a profitable venture.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start exploring the AI side hustle opportunities today and take the first step towards your entrepreneurial dream!


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