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  • Ankit Uttam

From $120K in Debt to $30K monthly revenue - Becky's Solopreneur journey

Becky was $120,000 in debt, living paycheck to paycheck while barely making ends meet.

There was a baby on the way and she was scared even more.


Shouldn’t a baby be a blessing?

Not when you are in crippling debt up to your eyeballs.

How were they going to be able to support this baby?

She went through hoops to have this child!

She wanted to stay home and care for her baby after my 3 months of unpaid maternity leave but they were now sky-high in credit card debt.

Something had to give!

While watching YouTube after working a 14 hour day, Becky came across a video on how to sell items in your own store.

Could she make my own store too?

But who would buy from her.

She had no selling experience.

She was just a designer with a Bachelors degree in graphic design.

She couldn’t even sell Girl Scout cookies back when she was a kid!

Then one day she was fired from her job,

It was a toxic job but Becky needed that paycheck.

Now she had to do something.

And she did start something.

She started a side hustle while looking for another job.

She launched the blog MomBeach(.)com in 2015.

Fast forward to today, that side gig brings in a whopping $30K/month in revenue!

It was 2015, when Becky launched her blog, MomBeach(.)com.

However, it wasn't until six long years of hard work that it became her full-time income source.

Friends and family advised her to stick to a regular 9-to-5 job, but Becky kept at it.


Because going back to the corporate grind with controlling bosses wasn't an appealing option.

In the beginning, progress was slow. Becky made just $1 in her first month. Even after six months, she was only earning $100 per month from her blog.

It took an entire year before her blog began ranking on Google and drawing organic traffic.

For the first six years, Becky experimented with different income models like display ads, affiliate marketing, and selling printables. While revenue grew from $1 to $5,000, she still had to rely on her day job.

Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which changed everything overnight.

Becky's monthly blog traffic shot up from 20,000 to over 250,000 page views per month in early 2020.

Seeing her income from blogging, Becky made the bold choice to quit her job and go all-in on MomBeach.

Fast forward to today, and Becky's monthly income is an impressive $30,000 per month—quite a leap from where she started in 2015!

So, how did she do it?

From $120K in Debt to $30K monthly revenue - Becky's Solopreneur journey

Creating Digital Products Worth $30,000

When she began, Becky focused on monetizing her blog through display ads and affiliates.

But after years of trial and error, she realized that digital product sales brought in the most income.

Now, the majority of her earnings come from digital products like printables, planners, budgeting spreadsheets, workbooks, online courses, and bundles. She sells these through her website, Etsy Shop, and TeachersPayTeachers.

By utilizing multiple sales channels, Becky can reach a broader audience and maximize her profits.

Shopify powers the product sales on her website, ensuring that customers receive download links immediately after purchase.

Thanks to these platforms, Becky now earns over $30,000 per month by selling her digital creations.

The Research Behind Profitable Digital Products

Becky's success story begins with a crucial step: creating products that people actually want. She starts each product launch by researching market demand.

Her tools for research include Pinterest, Etsy research tools, Google Trends, and ChatGPT.

These tools help her validate her product ideas against market demand data.

The goal is to brainstorm product ideas and then research the market demand for each one. If there's demand, she moves forward with creating the product.

Driving Traffic to Confirm Product Demand

Before investing time in building a digital product, Becky validates the demand by driving targeted traffic to a related blog post. She researches keywords that her target audience would search for in Google.

For example, if she has an idea for a "money savings challenge printable," she creates a blog post targeting keywords like "30 day money savings challenge." This helps her gauge interest and demand.

Creating Quality Digital Products

Once Becky validates a digital product idea, it's time to create it. She uses Canva for design work, customizing graphics, colors, and styling to appeal to her audience.

Becky bundles her printables and PDFs into value-packed products, with top-sellers priced attractively.

She also uses ChatGPT to generate content ideas, which she customizes herself before adding them to her products.

Selling Digital Products Through Marketing Funnels

Becky's sales strategy involves marketing funnels that start with a blog post and lead to a sales page.

Readers find her blog posts on Google, and each post offers a free printable as a lead magnet. After opting in, readers are directed to a sales page, where Becky's paid product bundle is offered at a discounted price for a limited time.

For those who don't purchase, Becky sets up email follow-up sequences to keep promoting the discounted bundle.

Driving Traffic for Maximum Sales

To maximize sales, Becky focuses on driving consistent traffic through SEO, Pinterest, Facebook groups, YouTube, and her email list.

She targets long-tail keywords for SEO, with the help of ChatGPT for content creation. On Pinterest, Becky re-pins her content frequently to test different variations for optimal engagement.

Facebook groups and email marketing also bring in engaged visitors, contributing to her success.

The Key Takeaways

Becky's journey from $1 to $30,000 per month didn't happen overnight. Her key learnings include:

1️⃣ Solve Problems: Build an audience and digital products around problems you can solve.

2️⃣ Research Matters: Validate product ideas against market demand.

3️⃣ Traffic Testing: Drive targeted traffic to validate product demand before creating.

4️⃣ Quality Designs: Invest in high-quality design tailored to your audience.

5️⃣ Effective Funnels: Use marketing funnels and layered value delivery to drive sales.

6️⃣ Consistent Traffic: Drive consistent traffic from various sources to maximize sales.

Starting small and focusing on providing value to a specific audience is the way to go. As your audience grows, you can efficiently create paid digital products tailored to them.

Just like Becky, you can build a life-changing income online with hard work and consistency. Her journey from $1 to over $30,000 per month is proof that it's possible.

If you dream of earning from home and leaving behind bad bosses, take inspiration from Becky's journey.

With dedication, you can make it happen too!


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My name is Ankit Uttam

I'm an Author (20+ books- A few of them have been on bestsellers charts too), and I'm a solopreneur who is trying to learn each day about how to navigate this growing space and also help a few people along the way.

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