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  • Ankit Uttam

Want to be an Influencer? This is how much you will earn.


Yup that's it.

Most influencers and content creators earn $323.19 on an avg/month from their socials.

Should you believe me?


Believe Neil Patel.

His team did a survey of 5920 influencers, marketers, and content creators about their incomes based on their follower counts.

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If you have between 100,000-999,999 followers, your income would be in the range of $1,727.29 /month on avg.

What if you have 1 mn+ followers.

Avg income $6,109.83 /month.



So, can you make a career as an influencer?

Probably NOT, If you are creating content for the masses.

If you are NOT known for something specific, it’s hard to monetize.

Want to get into the influencer or even personal branding business ▶️ focus on building a community around something specific.

🦾For example, I’m trying to build my tribe around storytelling and content.

I monetize my profile according to that.

This model works for me.

I am constantly approached by companies and individuals looking for help with storytelling and for creating better content than the usual content writers and AI.

That’s why you don’t see me posting motivational quotes.

It doesn’t generate any revenue for me.

And it isn’t just influencers that are struggling… It’s all content creators.

Another thing you need to know is ▶️ Last 30 days, 94.29% of the web pages got NO organic traffic.

This is getting worse.

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Today a lot of content is AI generated.

When NP Digital surveyed 1051 marketers, only 922 were creating content using AI or a combo of AI/humans.


That means more content will be pushed out on the web because it is easier to create.

But there are still only 10 spots on page 1 of Google.

Now that doesn’t mean content marketing isn’t valuable because it really is game-changing.

I am a good example of that.

Also every influencer is creating a ton of content.

BUT getting little to NO engagement.

Neil's team analyzed 15,000 social profiles over the last 3 years and saw organic social media reach decline by roughly 61.83%.

One of the main reasons is people are putting out a lot of content and people have more options to choose from.

Neil's survey says,

  • Over 4 bn new pieces of content is created daily.

  • New daily images created are at 4.7 bn.

  • More than 4 mn hrs of videos are uploaded each day.


Does that mean content is not valuable anymore?

No, it is still game-changing.

What it really means is that ▶️ storytelling and copywriting is more important now.

If you make your content stand out, you’ll do well.

The models are not broken.

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They have just turned more competitive.

🌟If you want to be an influencer, don’t go after the masses.

👉Instead, go after a massive TAM.

So, when you have to choose between a million followers or a million dollars, you may want to go for the million dollars.

Cuz, even with a million followers, it would take 13+ years to make a million dollars. 😇

And if you are a company, focus on influencer marketing.

It’s cheaper than advertising on the platforms (although it takes more work to scale up), but we see it being extremely profitable.

In addition to hiring influencers, make sure you also focus on creating new content that has something fresh to say that no one else is talking about.

It’s how you win in a crowded market.

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My name is Ankit Uttam

I'm an Author (20+ books- A few of them have been on bestsellers charts too), and I'm a solopreneur who is trying to learn each day about how to navigate this growing space and also help a few people along the way.

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